Our team

Dear Sir / Madam, dear Stagnovillois,

Engaged since 2004 in the associative and municipal life,
I am now running in the upcoming election of March 2020, surrounded by a team composed of both outgoing elected officials who mastered the courses and new personalities bringing their skills as well as their experiences. We are all determined to commit to our village.

Together, we will work to preserve our municipality, an exceptional living environment in which we are surrounded by the forest and nature. We will continue to protect this rare quality of life.

With openness, tolerance and common sense, we will use our energy to best serve all the stagnovillois and to facilitate their daily life.

Today, I’m building a dynamic and determined team, “Bien vivre à l’Etang”, to listen to you and develop a project that creates link between each other and that brings us together to the municipal elections, next March 2020.

I intend to drive an independent, unlabeled political list, made up of women and men of different sensibilities, united around a common project.

  • Improve and facilitate the daily life of every stagnovillois and stagnovilloises.
  • Strengthen the commercial activity of the village
  • Pursue and conceive the evolutions of
  • structuring projects of the municipality in the context of the equilibrium of our PLU.
  • Care and highlight the heritage by adapting it to sustainable development, the users’ needs and different services.
  • Consult all actors of our local life to both understand and accompany them.
  • Complete the information flows (emails, bulletins, etc ..)

I am looking forward to meet you, to share in order to build together a program for our village.

Sylvie SENG

Richard Alexandre


Général (2s) de gendarmerie
68 years old, 3 children

Virginie Aubourg

Virginie AUBOURG

Thérapeute familiale
4 children

Paul Besançon


DRH dans l’industrie de la santé
55 years old, 3 children

Sébastien Bigorre

Sébastien BIGORRE

Chef d’entreprise
43 years old, 1 child

Sylvie Campana


Mère au foyer
63 years old, 3 children

Jennifer Caron

Jennifer CARON

Responsable de centres de santé
42 years old, 2 children

Anne-Sophie Charvat

Anne-Sophie CHARVAT

49 years old, 3 enfants

Frédéric Ducreux

Frédéric DUCREUX

50 years old, 3 children

Pascale Faivre

Pascale FAIVRE

63 years old, 3 children

Cécile Gautier


Concepteur paysagiste
42 years old, 3 children

Philippe Giffard

Philippe GIFFARD

Directeur des achats
57 years old, 3 children

Slim Lahlah


Responsable financier dans l’industrie
60 years old, 2 children

Stéphanie Levieux

Stéphanie LEVIEUX

Praticienne en Cohérence Cardiaque
49 years old, 2 children

Thierry Pedros

Thierry PEDROS

56 years old, 3 children

Charlotte Perri

Charlotte PERRI

Gérante d’un restaurant
31 years old, 2 children

Guillaume Pluchet

Guillaume PLUCHET

36 years old, 4 children

Philippe Poncet

Philippe PONCET

Gérant franchisé dans la restauration
59 years old, 3 children

Stéphane Pouillard


Chef d’entreprise
44 years old, 2 children

Valentin Pouillart


Etudiant – entrepreneur, startup numérique
26 years old

Nathalie Raquel

Nathalie RAQUEL

Chargée d’affaires en immobilier
41 years old, 2 children

Sylvie Seng

Sylvie SENG

60 years old, 3 children

Laurent Stévenin


Directeur export

Emmanuelle Taffarel

Emmanuelle TAFFAREL

Directrice commerciale
50 years old, 2 children

Charles-Henri Taufflieb

Charles-Henri TAUFFLIEB

Consultant en finances
64 years old, 3 children